Thursday, 18 June 2009

workout regimen

It's a workout journal for June period,

target :
higher endurance,
higher strength + power

in term every month 10% resistant addition.

end year goal:
ripped body, squat strength 3x body weight --200kg

workout regimen :
week 1
8x8 + plyo
week 2 (adding weight 5%)
1-3x3 +High intensity Plyo
week 3
15x5 + low intensity plyo + endurance
week 4 (adding weight 5%)
5x5 + moderate

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Attack Time (Time to grow)

A week ago, I came across an e-book with the title of "Muscle Explosion" by Nick Nilsson, a trainer and athlete who already experienced in body building for 7 years. The whole book was about ways to grow your strength and muscle volume in a great amount within 28 days. At first, it gave me an impression that this is just like any other fitness books that boast about how much you can gain in a short period of time but some of the given facts was intriguing. It actually made me more interested and I've payed more attention to the details and it sure has its own unique ways compared to others.

According to the book, it is stated that human body have a frame that provides space for muscle to grow, it means the muscle size is really dependent to the frame size.

The author proposed a method of training and also nutrition diet to achieve more massive body within 28 days. The program is separated into 4 session: fat burning, tissue remodeling, one week structural attack, and the last 2 weeks consist of a work out called stretch-pause training,

At last, I've decided to try this program since "I think it poses no harm"

I'm planning to start the program from structural attack this week, 'considering the fact' that I've already have adequate body strength, and a moderate fat level which is around 16% (well, still high for ripped body appearance)

The exercise program that I will do is deadlift starting from 170lbs weight (considering that is my weight), each set I will perform 3 reps with 20-30 seconds break every set and before the last set, I will take 1-2 minutes of rest and do as many reps as I could till the last rep before failure. The workout session will be about 20 minutes nonstop duration, well... looks a bit harsh and challenging.

and this is the result of the structural training:

weight: 72kgs
max rep: 190lbs

#1 day

  • 2 minutes attaining in 170 lbs, I drop the weight 10lbs
  • 4 minutes in 160 lbs, drop the weight 10 lbs again
  • 5 minutes in 150 lbs, drop the weight 20 lbs, now I am feeling my back is burning and feels like going to explode,
  • 5 minutes in 130lbs,
  • the last 4 minutes in 110lbs
#2 day
  • 2 minutes in 190 lbs,
  • 4 minutes in 180 lbs,
  • 6 minutes in 160 lbs,
  • 6 minutes in 140 lbs,
  • 7 minutes in 120 lbs,
#3 day
  • 1 minute in 210 lbs,
  • 3 minutes in 190 lbs,
  • 5 minutes in 170 lbs,
  • 5 minutes in 150 lbs,
  • 5 minutes in 130 lbs,
  • 6 minutes in 120 lbs,
  • the last 5 minutes in 110 lbs ( my back really feel like gonna explode....)
#4 day
  • 1 minutes in 230 lbs
  • 3 minutes in 210 lbs
  • 5 minutes in 190 lbs
  • 5 minutes in 170 lbs
  • 8 minutes in 150 lbs
  • 7 minutes in 140 lbs (I drop 10 lbs purposely, because I need to be strict to my self a bit!)
  • 7 minutes in 130 lbs, DONE!
#5 day
  • 6 minutes in 170 lbs (feel light and also tiring)
  • 8 minutes in 160 lbs
  • 6 minutes in 150 lbs
  • 6 minutes in 140 lbs
  • 10 minutes in 130 lbs
  • the last 4 minutes in 120 lbs
the result:
weight : 75 kgs (+3 kgs),
maxrep: 230lbs (+40lbs)

I am really amazed that I really gain 3 kgs of lean mass and 40 lbs extra strength in my deadlift, it showed that this exercise really works to increase both your strength and body mass. I really recommend all of you guys to try this method in your workout program.

Btw, I really suggest you to pay a lot attention in proper technique during the workout program, because you will work for so many reps, around 120 reps in each session.

note: for the nutrition during the workout program have to be high carb, high protein, and "moderate" of fat.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Detoxification next step

This time, I have done my detoxification for two days, quite refreshing for my body, becoz i hav extracted most of the toxic out of my body, feels very good, my body get lighten, even a bit weak, maybe because I consume less carbs for a few days, but I find that my digestion get better, and also faster, I find what comes in my stomach get out within a day! wow!
Furthermore, I also find that my skin surface become clearer, less pimples in my face. For information, I have many pimples on my face, maybe that's cause of toxic accumulation... I usually eat malaysian food and also indian food in here, for addition, I slept late every night, for doing my assignment. Well, student life right?^^
And now, I'm re-arranging my sleep schedule, I sleep earlier, and wake up earlier now, it helps a lot in my detoxification progress. Why?
I Find that the main purpose of sleeping is detoxing your body, when we are sleeping, with a complex process of metabolism, stress hormone, toxic, will be transfer to our excretion system, such as sweat glands, anus, and urine.
However, when we resist to sleep on time, each time later our body will produce more stress hormone and body toxic, so it will harm body biologist function. Even we sleep for a long time, it won't totally recover your body condition to the fullest, this condition is like an iron pipe which is contacting to water, so it will oxidate and produce rust or oxide iron, this particle cannot get recycle into iron anymore, the only thing we can do just remove it, that's the similar condition to our body. Unfortunately, we cannot directly remove the whole toxic in one shot, but partially.
So, in this detoxification program, I not only concern about food, but also about my life style, my time management.

Tomorrow plan:
starts workout activity! start next detoxification progress.